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Northeast Ohio's Trusted 24/7 Garage Door Service Provider!

SMRDoor vs. The Other Guys – Fairly Priced, Over Priced, Honesty, Dishonesty

SMRDoor vs. The Other Guys

It’s SMRDoor vs. The Other Guys (other garage door companies in the area).  Basically it boils down to three simple words for us:  Affordable, Honest & Skilled.  For the other companies it generally means Pricey, Dishonest & Skilled.  They are definitely skilled and have a tremendous amount of man power, but typically speaking their pricing is almost double of what we charge in some cases.  Don’t believe us?  Call around.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Most companies, including SMRDoor are licensed bonded & insured.  There are some smaller companies that pretend to have insurance or a license, but they don’t.  It’s not hard to discover whose trying to pull the wool over your eyes, just read up on other companies reviews.  Licensing is required by law and if you come across a contractor that doesn’t have one – then that’s not a good sign.

Open 24/7 for Emergencies

We are available for emergency calls 24 hours a day.  If your garage door tanks on you in the middle of the night give us a call.

Ask Questions

Be sure to ask questions if you plan on going with another company.  It’ll surely be funny when you hear them tell you the cost of the job in comparison to what we charge.  We take pride in being a dedicated, loyal and honest company in Northeast Ohio.  Our company was built from greed – meaning, we got sick and tired of other companies robbing people blind.  People who have no clue and know no better.  Not anymore…

Call SMR today at (440) 320-2769.

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