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Best Priced Garage Door Maintenance in Avon, Avon Lake & North Ridgeville (Lorain County)

If you’re looking for the best priced garage door maintenance company in Avon, Avon Lake & North Ridgeville, then you’ve come to the right place!  At SMR Door we guarantee that we are the lowest priced garage door company in Northeast Ohio.  Garage door maintenance is extremely important.  It maintains and ensures that your door is operating safely and reliably.  If you are in need of maintenance, SMRDoor can help safeguard you by detecting potential issues early on and even help prevent outright equipment failures.

Garage Door Maintenance

SMRDoor will tighten & lubricate all parts to make sure that your door is running smoothly.  Choosing to have your door maintained won’t just save you a huge headache down the road, but it’ll also give you convenience & provide safety for your family.

SMRDoor’s Garage Door Maintenance Tips:

  • Make sure it’s wiped down, apply oil or lubricant to all parts.
  • Give the tracks a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no debris that might be catching the rollers.  If there is any debris, be sure to wipe them or clean them out.
  • Next step is to make sure that the rollers are lubricated.  Be sure to put some on the roller and then draw it into the bearings.  Whatever you do, don’t use grease otherwise it will cause the tracks to clog and will collect unwanted debris.
  • Take stock of the cables and make sure that the springs are snug and well put together (connected).
  • Once again go over and oil/lubricate any garage door hinges or bearings.
  • One of the most important things to check is to make sure that the spring is lubricated (should be slightly wet).  If you don’t do this, or fail to do this for any reason it may clog and jam your door.
  • You’re almost done.  Second to last step is to check weatherstripping on the exterior and interior of the door.  If it’s getting crimped at the sides, it’s time to do a replacement.
  • One of the most overlooked maintenance aspects in our business is regarding the door opener.  If you’rs is being ran on a chain or drive screw, make sure you put enough lubricant to cover the entire length.

One of our customers biggest complaints is regarding rust accruing on their doors (doors that we didn’t install).  One way to keep rust away in Northeast Ohio is by having yearly maintenance performed on your door.  You should never just leave your door sitting idly without any maintenance.  Treat it like you would your vehicle.  It needs to get a tune up, it needs to get oiled and it needs to be inspected.


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